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We are looking for one of our clients for a full-time medior software engineer to join their team for the development and realization of a new product. This is a platform that provides operational data from machine PLC’s. This platform will be deployed at manufacturing sites. It will collect and organise this data and makes it available via the internet to be used for analysis and control by other business functions. In addition we will develop a set of Business Intelligence Dashboards that display the situation of the manufacturing sites real time at various local and remote locations. This product will be developed in cooperation with a machine manufacturer who builds and installs complete production lines. We are looking for someone to build and develop this product in the product development phase and who will install and maintain this solution at customer sites during the market deployment phase.

Who is the company?

They are a Dutch based start-up specialized in data engineering and develops standardized and modular data solutions which have the flexibility to be quickly deployed on various (Cloud) environments. They use their own development platform that integrates the disciplines of Embedded Software Engineering, Data Engineering and Data Science. They offer these components to our customers as Turn-Key deliverables or SAAS solutions.

Currently they focus on Data Governance & Data Quality, data gathering solutions (including IOT) and predictive models using machine learning. Their customer segments are Public utilities, Finance and High Tech Industry.

What do they do?

They develop the data gathering solution in cooperation with a machine manufacturer that produces and installs complete production lines. These are mostly industrial cleaning lines for the food industry. They collect data on production quantities, warnings and failures, energy and resource usage and detailed machine conditions. This data will be gathered from the PLC’s and other control systems of the machines. Optionally, we install additional sensors for complementary data. They collect and organize the data locally and provide these to an external cloud server. Through this external server the data is available on the internet for analysis and process monitoring. This system has the following innovative features:

  • It uses a modular data model with standardized components, to allowfor easy modelling and maintaining of the specific factory lay-out.
  • A complete dataset containing the information from all machines, but also other relevant systems.
  • Smart data aggregation solutions
  • Configurable signal processing and cleansing
  • Flexible interoperability with various machines and control protocols
  • integrated firewall security
  • Online availability of all data and support to most devices.


Additionally they develop a number of KPI Dashboards which use this platform to provide real-time operational information. These dashboards allow for operational monitoring, tactical planning and strategic decision making. They deploy these dashboards on physical screens in the factory and at remote office locations. These dashboards are also available through web browser and web applications on various devices. Their future vision is to develop more applications using this operational platform. For instance to envision the application of Artificial Intelligence to learn to detect operational irregularities and provide early warnings for possible machine failures, production jams and capacity problems. This allows the manufacturer to prevent costly and possible dangerous situations.

What are they looking for?

Looking for a full-time medior software engineer to join us with the development of this product and to install and maintain this at customer sites. A fixed position and possibilities for internal career development. Your daily work will include:

  • Scrum team development of the data platform. Writing and testing code using Test Driven Development
  • On site testing of the platform design at our machine manufacturing partner
  • Development of web based live User Interfaces of the KPI dashboards
  • Installation of the data platform and physical screens at the sites of end customers. This includes both the hardware (servers, screens and connections) and the software.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the customer install base.


What will you do?

Interesting job aspects

You will work for a start-up. This means you will get a lot of room to define your own methods and solutions. Looking for someone who likes to take ownership and responsibility for this project and the results.

You will work towards a physical and concrete result. You will experience the entire development cycle of a product, from inception to realization. You will be able to shape that process.

The job includes much more than just writing code. During development you will test the platform on site of our machine building partner and you will be able to shape the design of this product. During the market deployment phase you will work on various (international) production sites where you will meet our end customers.


  • A College degree in Computer Science or equivalent study.
  • Working experience in Object Oriented programming in Java. Alternatively similar experience in C#, C++ en .NET
  • Work experience in web UI development. Experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and React
  • Work experience with regular relational database systems, like PostgreSql, MariaDB and MS SQL.
  • Knowledge of other systems, such as NoSql is welcome, but not required


Desired work experience

  • Business Intelligence dashboard design
  • Machine control technology: PLC and other
  • TCP-IP networks
  • Affinity with operational manufacturing sites and production machinery



Apply now or send your motivation & resumee to monic@otwee.nl

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